Just starting this blog

At our last reunion in Annapolis, many asked about the possibility of adding a forum to the Tusk website. I’ll continue to maintain the Tusk website and update it as new information becomes available. This blog is another way for us to share information on the web. So, feel free to share with all Tusk vets.

Gary Parker


10 thoughts on “Just starting this blog

  1. Gary you get a big attaboy for this. I used to blog on Rontini’s site but when Cowboy died it took the wind out of my sails. He was a good friend of all of us and John Peters, ret. Capt. USN was there at Cowboy’s “Bash at the Ranch” in June of 2001, and he managed to get me to sign on for life with USSVI. A decision I have never regretted
    All you guys start talking, OK?
    Sharkey Chartier.

  2. If people knew this existed, it would be very nice. A negative is people can’t see on an iPad though. Isn’t there a more universal version open to all types of devices.?

    Over and out……

    • nice to see some names I haven’t heard of in a long time. I used to cook with Bob Polk, and I recall Taylor Bain (electrician)

      James A (Tony) Borseth

  3. Don Eichler, on Tusk 1966-1967.
    Tusk pictures by Skip Donohue, picture #10 Lindsey and ?. ? is Eichler, picture was taken 1967 Springboard.

  4. Looks like a crew list, hard to read.
    Thank’s for working on this.
    I still go to the web page too look at old pictures.
    Saw that J. P. Wise my CO 1957-1958 Passed away. Was my XO on the SSBN 609.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. It is great to interact with all the Tuskers I can. As I am coordinator of the 2013 reunion I want input from all of you. I am especially interested in seeing photos with description (names) too. Hey Gary, looks like I was first! Do I get an AttaBoy?

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