Anyone recognize this damage? Any idea regarding when or where it occurred?


2 thoughts on “tuskdamaged

  1. I would like to know when this happened and where. I was aboard Tusk in 1960 when she was run over by the Independence or the Enterprise, whichever was the first Nuke aircraft carrier. I would like to see/get photos of that event.

  2. The 2nd picture of the sail/ scope damage occurred in July/August 1957. The Tusk was operating in Long Island Sound with the Cobbler. The Cobbler was snorkeling and ran over the submerged
    Tusk. The helmsman on Tusk was wearing a headset and jumped down the ladder into the Control room. The lower hatch would not seal and the Pump room was flooded also. That picture was taken at EB and it was “rumored” that the Skipper J.P. Morgan had offered to pay for the damage, which is unconfirmed.

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