I was a member of the USS Tusk’s (SS-426) October 18, 1973 Decommissioning Crew.

Gary Parker

More at http://www.usstusk.com
Email me tuskwebdude@gmail.com

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  1. In 1950, at the age of 12, my brother-in-law, Walter S. DeLany, Jr., was stationed in New London, CT. My mother, sister, Mae, and I visited Walt and my other sister, Anne, there, after a 3 day drive from Gainesville, TX. What I remember most about that trip is that Walt got permission for me to spend the night aboard the USS Tusk. I was too young to remember Walt’s connection with the Tusk, but I remember to this day how excited I was to be there, and I remember well the Tusk’s connection with the tragic event of the USS Cochino.

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